Wedding Time

We are off the Florida this morning for Jacqs wedding on Saturday and the last few days have been packed with activity. I struggled to get orders out in the mail before we left but made my deadline. I made Mark stay up until 11:30 last night while I cut, sewed, and stuffed two special order babies to take with me to work on. I can sculpt and assemble them on the way. I haven't finished the wedding favors, but the pieces are also ready to assemble en route. I worked 5 shifts last week so spare time was at a minimum and I sure don't want to do that again anytime soon. Mark also had a kitchen combo order to fill this past week, and he also got it done on time. The lady requested no door under the sink so she could hang a curtain and she wanted to put her own handle on the frig. He was disappointed about the latter since he loves the oak handles he designed! Oh well! When we get home, I will concentrate on the grand daughters Christmas presents, finger puppets and a few pocket monsters are the only things completed thus far! I'll be busy for certain! These are the donuts that were included in the baked goods order that went out this week. she also ordered a cake, cookies and cupcakes!